Custom Thermocouples

Series 1 are our bare or ceramic insulated base metal (Series1A) and noble metal element thermocouples (Series 1P).  This series also includes a style with the element already assembled in a terminal head and mounting nipple (Series 1P)


Base metal or noble metal thermocouples with straight metallic (Series 2M, angled metallic (Series 2A), and semi-metallic (Series 2L) protection tubes.

A variety of base and noble metal thermocouples with ceramic protection tubes are covered in Series 3.  These include units with threaded mounting fittings of various sizes (Series 3F, 3G, 3H, 3M), mounting sleeves (Series 3Q), mounting Ferrules (Series 3V), or silicon carbide double (Series 3x, 3Y) protection tubes.

Series 4 are base metal thermocouples manufactured from insulated wire.  Styles include basic (Series 4W, in tube (Series 4A), washer mounting (Series 4L), cuttable (Series 4F), melt bolt (Series 4Y, 4Z), lead assemblies (Series 4X), and three bayonet mount styles


Series 6 are base metal and noble metal "NABA-PAK" thermocouples manufactured from metal clad MgO insulated thermocouple material. These are available with numerous construction options including: a quick connect plug or jack, pigtails, transition to lead wire,terminal head with optional mounting fitting, terminal head with nipple-union-nipple or a handle and coil cord

Series 7 are Tungsten/Rhenium and noble metal thermocouples with ceramic (Alumina) insulation and optional metallic protection tubes. This style has a quick connect plug/jack, or a miniature terminal head. These units are sealed near the connector with either: silicon cement, or a sealing gland fitting and full length metallic protection tube. Or a sealing gland fitting and an Inconel sleeve.

Resistance Temperature Detectors

Series 10 are resistance temperature detectors. We can manufacture these using durable epoxy potted elements (400°F) with Teflon insulated leadwires in a wide range of sheath diameters. For higher temperatures (up to 1000°F) we offer a similarly versatile construction utilizing fiberglass insulated leads and higher temperature potting/backfilling materials. Finally we also offer RTD's manufactured from metal clad MgO insulated material. These are extreamly durable and offer the widest temperature ranges (-400°F to 1200°F) but are available in a more limited range of sheath diameters and lengths.