We are very pleased to carry the full line of M-Tech analog instruments. Please call us with your requirements or for more information. We can supply signal conditioners, alarm trips, power metering transducers and test kits. We can also custom-calibrate devices to del with the "oddball" signals.

A wide variety of analog power measurement devices, measuring virtually every power parameter with every I/O combination. Call about custom units. Formerly sold as Wodex and Hathaway.

Analog Power Transducers

Convert and isolate process signals so field instruments can interface directly with indicators, recorders, DCS, PLC, and PC-based SCADA systems. Formerly sold as Promac and Hathaway.
Signal Conditioners

A family of digital multifunction transducers and Kilowatt hour meters. Measures and displays up to 26 power parameters with analog, serial and pulse outputs. A software package provides for unit configuration and output monitoring.

Transducer Test Set
The equivalent of seven instruments in one self-contained field unit. Test and calibrate many manufacturers' transducers. Use on Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Phase Angle, Watt, VAr, Q, VA and more. Formerly sold as Wodex and Hathaway.

Power Monitors and Multifunction Transducers