At Crabtree & Associates, we have been serving the instrumentation market since 1975 in the Southwestern USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, South Africa and Europe. We have decades of expertise to offer in the application of instruments and test equipment.

From flow, pressure and thermal sensors to panel displays, recorders and test equipment, we can offer you a solution which makes sense for your project. This site is designed to present a sample of our capabilities and product offerings. Let us know what you need and there is a good chance we can provide it.

We carry a wide range of high quality, economical instruments and will be glad to offer our assistance with your application. Take a moment to brows through our short form catalog by using the navigation at the top of this page and feel free to drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your application.

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Due to the sensitive and often custom nature of instrumentation products, all sales are final. Any defective product will be repaired or replaced at our option. No returns or exchanges will be accepted.