New Sale Prices

Our SALE page offers some real bargains at deep discounts. All sales on items on this page are final. No refunds, cancelations or exchanges.

Credit Card Sales

When an order is placed using a credit card, bank fees are deducted immediately. If you wish to cancel for a refund, we can only refund the amount left after the fees are taken out. So, be goddamn sure of your purchase before you click the "Buy" button or better yet, call and talk to us at 480-947-9003. We offer a substantial discount for cash/check orders. Talk to us first.

Because of an idiot by the name of Donald Schultz, 113 E Manilla Ave, Pittsburgh who abused us recently through his dimwitted, fumble-fingered "mistake", we have had to make this a formal policy. We live in nasty times with nasty people.

Holiday Orders

Due to continued worldwide supply chain interruptions it is a very good idea to get holiday orders to us early so we can get your gifts to you in time for holiday gift-giving.

Policy on Cancelations/Refunds

Beginning 01 March, 2021, banks have implemented a new policy whereby their fees and percentage charged to us on Internet sales are not refunded to us and therefore, are not available to be refunded to customers. If you place an order through our web stores or by phone with a credit card and request cancelation, our order cancelation policy will apply and in addition we cannot refund bank fees. We will gladly provide you with a pdf copy of the actual fees charged for your records upon request.

New Ship's Bell Movement

Effective September, 2020, Chelsea has moved production of the Ship's Bell movement to Germany. This has resulted in cost savings while still maintaining the Ship's Bell design, quality and all features. We are told it is effectively a perfect copy of the hand-built movement, just made by computerized machines. This has allowed the price of the Ship's Bell line to be reduced. We still have a few clocks in stock with the original "L4" movements, made by hand at the Chelsea factory and hand-assembled. You will find these on our SALE page.