Policy on Cancelations/Refunds

Beginning 01 March, 2021, banks have implemented a new policy whereby their fees and percentage charged to us on Internet sales are not refunded to us and therefore, are not available to be refunded to customers. If you place an order through our web stores or by phone with a credit card and request cancelation, our order cancelation policy will apply and in addition we cannot refund bank fees. We will gladly provide you with a pdf copy of the actual fees charged for your records upon request.

New Ship's Bell Movement

Effective September, 2020, Chelsea has moved production of the Ship's Bell movement to Germany. This has resulted in cost savings while still maintaining the Ship's Bell design, quality and all features. We are told it is effectively a perfect copy of the hand-built movement, just made by computerized machines. This has allowed the price of the Ship's Bell line to be reduced. We still have a few clocks in stock with the original "L4" movements, made by hand at the Chelsea factory and hand-assembled. You will find these on our SALE page.

New Embassy Clocks in Nickel

Just released, two new versions of the classic Embassy Clock in two-tone nickel finish. This clock is available with Roman or Arabic numerals. Check them out on our Desk/Table Clocks page.

New Athena Desk Clocks

The new Athena art deco clock designed by Chelsea in the 1930's is back with a modern twist of a German quartz movement for accuracy and ease of use. You will find tis clock in black dial and white dial on out Desk Clocks page.

42 Years as a Chelsea Dealer

We became a factory-authorized dealer for the Chelsea Clock Company in 1976 and we are proud to celebrate our 42nd year as the oldest authorized dealer under the same, continuous ownership. We have seen a lot of changes over the years but our commitment to our customers remains the same. It may be out of character these days, but we want our customers to be happy and feel good about clocks they purchase from us. We will be here for you after the sale, not just for days or weeks but ongoing through the years. If you need anything or have a question or require service, just call on us.