I perform PROFESSIONAL APPRAISALS with documentation for fine clocks and watches. I do not provide valuations for any clock or watch over the phone. I cannot respond to "What's this worth?" questions. Nobody can do this without simply guessing and it is against the law for me to set a value on something I have not seen. To set a market value for sale or insurance purposes, an expert must examine the timepiece, assess its authenticity, make a determination of its age as closely as possible, judge its condition, the quality of service or repairs and determine the market and/or replacement value. This cannot be done without seeing and handling the timepiece.

If you have come here looking for someone to tell you over the phone that you have the latest Ebay lost treasure, then you have come to the wrong place. I provide a professional appraisal service, not guesswork.

I provide an appraisal service generally acceptable to all insurance companies. I will examine your clock or watch and will provide a detailed document stating the historical and condition specifics of the watch. This document will contain color photos of the timepiece and movement and will list applicable serial numbers. The document will be signed and will contain my AWCI number. I will keep a copy on file for ten (10) years. I charge $150 plus return shipping and insurance for this service. If you are interested in a formal appraisal, use the contact page to get in touch to make arrangements to ship your clock or watch to me. I can generally turn around a timepiece in one week. (In-home appraisals can be arranged for larger clocks, locally.)

Sample Actual Appraisal Document

Note: Please keep in mind that markets fluctuate as do collector tastes. The value of a timepiece may increase or decrease due to many market factors and any appraisal is only a snapshot designed to establish value at a particular point in time.