This is a Circa 1950 Chelsea limited edition "Mariner" clock which combines mahogany, bronze ad brass into a ship's capstan design. This one arrived in non-working condition with a number of mechanical issues and suffering from years of neglect. The new owner wanted it restored to original appearance and proper running condition.

In the before photos, note the corroded brass which had to be cleaned, polished and lacquered. Note the dull finish of the brass, wood and bronze.

This clock was brought back to life by me in my shop. Nothing was subcontracted, including the restoration of the silvered dial and heat-blued hands.


Years of salt air stripped the original finish and the elements corroded the brass.

Dull and non-functional, this clock was about to receive a total makeover.


Many hours of delicate hand work brought back the shine, depth and proper color of all of the materials.

Gleaming and lacquered, this clock is ready for many more years of service.

Shown restored, next to its larger cousin, the current re-make of the Mariner by Chelsea