The book is truly entertaining and enlightening. The message came across brilliantly and clearly and the quotes you used were great...I jotted some down so as not to forget them." - Nashville, Tennessee

"I didn't realize that 'X's' father was a lawyer when I was in that class and saw what happened that day. No wonder the shit hit the fan." - La Jolla, CA

"I never thought that a memoir written by someone who isn't famous could be so funny and interesting." - Scottsdale, AZ

"I just finished reading this book. It is very well-written. I am re-reading it because there is so much to absorb. I too am disturbed about the state of education and this book really does talk about the system from the inside and what has gone so terribly wrong in our schools and school systems, public, private and independent.

This book must be read by teachers and those at the top of the educational structures. As dissatisfaction with the mess of education grows it is great to read about the slow decline from an insider who had to watch the rot over nearly forty years. Yet, this book approaches education with humor and positive suggestions for correcting a system which is so obviously broken.

The book is a fun ride through recent American history as well, written by an author who is a grand storyteller and can place the reader into the scene where one can visualize the story as it unfolds.

Instead of just throwing up our hands or voting bunches of money without accountability (which the author says not to do, btw), this book calls on all "consumers" of education to get involved and to demand better performance and value for money. This is a truly refreshing look at education through the eyes of a teacher which left me laughing as well as motivated."  - reader book review

"Oh, you're in a lot of trouble now." - Paradise Valley, Arizona

"I'm sorry but after your book we can't allow you back on campus." JK, Phoenix, Arizona

"This is such a good book. It is wonderfully written. - Scottsdale, Arizona

"I'm a fast reader but I had to slow down...this is fantastic." - Scottsdale, Arizona

"This book just cracked me up! You are a marvelous storyteller and you dared to speak of education as it is." - Phoenix, Arizona

"I really enjoyed this book but at the same time I found it disturbing because education is on a downward spiral and nobody is doing anything about it." - Phoenix, Arizona

"I bought this book for several reasons but one was to get the reading list in the back. I teach English to high school seniors where we have no library, and students don't read, and I'm trying to get some books that they will read. They even complain about writing; 'I can't write this much. My hand hurts.'." (she continues) "In my high school, if students are well-behaved for two weeks they get a party day. Well-behaved means that they don't have to do anything. They just sit quietly." - Mesa, Arizona

"This is such a good book. I have learned so much and I have six people waiting in line to read it." - Bellevue, Washington

"I'm really enjoying this book! I am reliving my own days during the Great Depression" - Grants Pass, Oregon

"I've enjoyed this book so much that I have ordered ten more to give to teacher-friends. This is a must-read. - Monticello, Kentucky

"Did you give me credit?" - Aiken, South Carolina (Yes, in the bibliography.)

"My friend sent me this book and I am ordering additional copies." - Valencia, Spain

From a second-grade teacher: "My second graders complain about writing; 'It makes my hand hurt.'." - Phoenix, Arizona

"I owned a private school and gave it up. Trying to keep kids focused and parents happy was impossible." - San Diego, California

From a university professor: "I really don't know where we are headed with this mess we call education. University students cannot read thoughtfully and analytically. They do not wish to write, saying it is 'too difficult'." - Los Angeles, California

"I loved your book and have discussed it with colleagues but have been told I cannot put it in our school's library." - Dallas, Texas

"Ms. Crabtree has written an interesting account of her life and her thirty-nine year career as an educator in the disciplines of English, history and music. She also shares her hard-earned insights into education which she developed while teaching in various public, private and independent schools in Texas, Kentucky, Minnesota, California and Arizona. Her book is enlivened by many humorous anecdotes and stories to which others will relate..." - Bell County (KY) Historical Society book review